My Roseville timeline - Episode 3 Chris Stapleton
Date of Event : Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:21PM


Chapter 1 - The fill in years

My first game for Roseville was a day I'll never forget. Howling winds, stormy clouds, a fifth grade side a man short and a Burwood side eager to capitalise. Having just won outright in a single morning in my local under 13s competition, I was feeling pretty good as I got the call from Nat saying that my time had come, there was no one else willing to play. Nerves grew as I watched our top order collapse, a sight that I would see all too often in the years to come. My nerves grew as the wickets fell and I sought some comfort from then Captain Simon Cromby, "will they bowl bouncers mate?" I asked " Nah mate they wouldn't do that to a kid" he replied. The smirk and laughter in his voice should have given it away that he was lying. Facing up to my first ball fear gripped me, as I watched the ball sail pass my eyes. Three play and misses in the coming balls led to the old bull running in yelling "hit the f*&^ing ball mate" in my face. An edge through slip saw me off strike and started a 36 run last wicket stand. No boundaries were scored with five, 4s run in a wild attempt to keep me off strike. It was a truly mediocre innings in an even worse game.

The coming years would see me fill in whenever the club was short. Being skippered by Nat taught me the tough lesson that just because your brother is the captain doesn't mean he will let you bowl or bat higher than 8. This time also introduced me to some of Roseville’s greatest cult hero's, getting to play with a young Gall, Chuckie and Buckets are memories I won't soon forget. The highlight of these years would have to be witnessing Gallo's five front foot no balls in an over from short cover. His blow up at the umpire followed by ripping through Lindfield's top order was one of the best things I have ever seen on a cricket pitch.

Chapter 2 - 2014/15 The return

A 5th Grade game with the Baers in the final round of 2013/14 where I scored 30 odd (25*) gave me a taste for cricket again and after years of actually enjoying my weekends throughout the summer and a few seasons playing water polo I finally returned to the Rose. It was my goal to become a lower grade batsmen, six scores of under five in a row saw that dream die early on. Round one of 2014/15 pitted us against Warringah, the club I had been raised to hate. Seven maidens to start off my season were followed by an afternoon of chasing the leather as Warringah put 370 on us. My attempts at sledging were quickly cut off by skipper Neil Miller, who insisted that we show respect to the opposition and as much as it hurt there wasn't a lot to be said when we were so thoroughly beaten. It was a rough return to shires cricket, however, the season saw me push through the grades, collect a few wins and play the final four matches in two's. My debut was against a first placed Burwood, where Jozzy handed me the ball after 30 overs and watched me get belted to all areas of the park as I went for 35 in five overs. 24’s was the highlight of the season as Gal, Freddie and Rhydd carried us to the finals.

Chapter 3 - 2015/16 one tough season

I'd really rather not talk about it. No wins, and a 0-6 captaincy record in 24's. It was pretty shit.

Chapter 4 - 2016/17 my breakout season

At the only pre season training session James Gourley attended I took him aside and asked for some advice about my bowling, after a season of being towelled up I was rather nervous and sought some guidance on how I might improve for the coming year. Gourls told me to stop bowling short shit and it seemed to work. 38 wickets across two's and 24's was a solid return for the season, two's skipper Geoff Spruce, however, never let it get to my head, ensuring that I was known as the "shit Nat" throughout the club. The highlights of the season would have to have been struggling to chase down totals of less than 100 in 24's and showing the youngsters in the side what it meant to finally win some tight matches and of course winning the leading wicket takers trophy with De Lo.


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